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Grammys 2012, RIP Whitney Houston, Foo = Poo

First off, “Thank You” to LL Cool J for giving a great start to the awards, and offering kind words to Whitney Houston- the prayer was heartfelt. To Jennifer Hudson; Great job…I’m sure it was a difficult feat to tackle, and she did Whitney proud.

Best performance of the night goes to ADELE!!  WOO HOO! Her voice is BACK! And she can SING!!! Congrats to her many wins!

But then the Grammys went SH***Y.. WTF is with 2 performances by Chris Brown and 2 performances by Foo Fighters? Chris should just be a backup-dancer/ choreographer, and The Foo Fighters need to disappear. They sounded like garbage, the looked like garbage.

Foo Fighters = trash... or at least the end of civilized music

Also, something to mention: certain commercials.  the CHIPOTLE ad featuring Willie Nelson was AMAZING. Good job to them- their first ever commercial- and with a message (please youtube it everyone!). Chevy and Target also had an uplifting message to the younger generation, featuring singing youth enjoying music, and singing for their dreams.

So, without further ado- lets get to the FASHION!

The BEST of the night:

Rihanna in Armani

This is AMAZING. She said she collaborated with the designer on this dress, and they NAILED it. Her skin is OUT OF CONTROL PERFECTLY GLOWING. A lot of people are not fans of the new ‘do- but I love… you can never go wrong being BLONDE! 🙂

Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad

FINALLY, stepping out in something more regal than a princess prom dress. Adding the updo- a nice change from the wavy long hair, or blunt bangs- she is channeling Nicole Kidman in Galliano from the Oscars!

Fergie in Jean Paul Gaultier

She looks AMAZING. The COLOR is “WOW” on her… however, I’m not sure of the peek-a-boo underwear… It’s very fashion forward, but I wish it was nude- creating the illusion of “what’s IN there? However, she looks great. It’s refreshing to see COLOR!

Kate Beckinsale in Zuhair Murad.

Who knows why she’s there (presenting)- she is one of the HOTTEST women in Hollywood, and the world. She got to be a little more sexy, however I would have preferred a cream strappy shoe that matched the dress- elongating her legs- rather than the  closed toe chunky heel that grounds her. EVEN SO- One of the best looks.



The WORST of the night:

"Sasha" ??

…Whoever the HELL that is. Everything about this is disgusting. Can you say, “Armenian girl from Glendale?” with that hair & makeup???? And the guns? GROSS.


AKA UGLY. Nothing about this is worth talking about. Except this image proves even more dislike for her.

Bon Iver... WTF?

This creature BEAT OUT Nicki Minaj for Best New Artist????? REALLY??!? this is like last year’s upset with Esperanza Spaulding… WHO???? If noone has heard of you, then what the hell is going on? A BIG MESSAGE to this crazy looking “artist”: If you’re up for an award- DRESS like it. This belongs at the bottom of a swamp.


Cyndi Lauper in Jean Paul Gaultier

At first, I thought this was Christina Aguilera!! I mean, realllly?? We know she’s a “legend”, but this is a VMA outfit… not a Grammy outfit. The hair? Like 10 years ago. And she isn’t a young woman anymore… No need to be showing any leg. This is an Aadams Family Halloween costume.

Lady Gaga

The new Queen of Pop, Mother Monster, quite DOES in fact look like a Monster. This is too much..  I know, even for her. We expect this craziness from her, but I feel the tone of this years awards garners a need for something a little more subdued. Sometimes it’s about the night, not the person.

Nicki Minaj in Versace

I love Nick, but this is a little odd. And she showed up with an old man dressed up as a pope… hmm.  People were saying it was “so amazing as a fashion moment”, but really- why? Because it has a huge Medusa/Versace logo on it?? ( I LOVE VERSACE, and have since Gianni was alive), but this is just dumb. What’s the point?  It’s not amazing, it’s just A LOT of fabric.  😦 ps: that performance was THE WORST thing I have seen in a long time. It is NOT what she should be presenting to America… how is she supposed to get any new fans now???

Katy Perry in Elie Saab

I will sum this up with Kelly Osbourne’s quote, “This is the perfect dress to match her blue hair”. BARF. Katy- go AWAY! Dress like a singer, not a Smurf. This is the UGLIEST hair. How does she keep a straight face thinking she looks “good” or “hot”???? YOU LOOK STUPID KATY!!!!

Jessie J in Julien Macdonald

The hair is too severe, the makeup is too much. The dress is too busy. This is another disaster, who let’s these people out their hotel like this? Is she moving into goth culture?


The “GUYS” … how it’s done horribly… and RIGHT ON!

rick ross

What IS this? This is THE GRAMMYS, this is an AWARDS SHOW. There is also an honoring to someone in the music business who just passed… WHERE IS THE RESPECT??? PUT ON AN APPROPRIATE OUTFIT!! An UGLY a** shirt, jeans and sneakers??? This ISN’T THE F***ING MALL!!!!!

Bruno Mars

This is an example of a horrible execution of a possibly nice look. The pants are TOO SHORT, and the fit is WAY to boxy- if you go with cropped pant- make it a slim fit!  The jacket is also to boxy- the sleeves are bunching around his elbows… TOO MUCH FABRIC!!

Mario Lopez

Perfect example. Sharp suit, fitted well, and a great look for an awards show (when you’re a guest, and not one of the stars for the night). Hair groomed, shirt is nice being color other than standard white. Overall- this is how to dress guys.



Wiz Kahlifa and Amber Rose

Look Kelly (Osbourne) – SHE matched her dress to her hair too!!! And Wiz- I’m all for the jacket, but a white tank???  This dear readers, is how you do the awards show looking trashy. Or at least for the VMA’s. Again- these artists aren’t getting the fact that the GRAMMYS  are supposed to have CLASS. If you’re invited- DRESS THE PART.

Adam Levine and Anne V

And the Best Couple of the Night/ Best Dressed Couple / How you’re suposed to look arriving to an awards show AWARD goes to…. Look at them, this is PERFECTION! His perfectly fitting Prada suit, with tie AND pocket square? A MAN! Her effortless hair, great shoes, and perfect Supermodel body in that “dress”??  A WOMAN!! If they keep this up, they are going to be one of THE couples to WATCH!


AMA’S 2010- the good, bad, & “WHY ARE U HERE?!”

So…. after watching the PAINFULLY slow and sad excuse for “Live on the Red Carpet at the AMA’s”, and even worse, ALLLL the commercial breaks; 20 min in: I DVR’ed it.  Thankfully, that led me to breeze on by with the touch of my fast forward (times 5) to get to the good stuff. Surprisingly happy, I found alot of GREAT  Red Carpet looks. Of course, there are the usual FUG’s, (like Ke$ha- God, I wish there was a “cent” symbol instead of a “$” symbol), but there were alot of RANDOM’S too…  Since there were TOO MANY to count, I will make my rantings brief…. ENJOY!

Avril…. tell me, how would I know if this “look” is from last night, or from 6 years ago? I WOULDN’T. The pink and black streaks, the black and white punk thing, her saying “amazeballs” on television.. DAMMIT, JUST GROW UP!

Christina Milian…. here she looks cute (usually HOT).. I always had a slight crush on her. “Say I” video? HOT! “Whatever You Want” video? FINE! But what are you doing here? Why aren’t you up there SINGING? I walked through the mall the other day, and saw her on a Disney Xmas tv movie poster… I WANT MUSIC!

Fergie… she can do NO wrong. She is HOT, has AMAZING LEGS, and no matter WHO tells me they think her face is all worked on, I still think she is FINE!


Heidi… face(hair/makeup) is beautiful. But you RUN a FASHION EMPIRE with clothing line, jewelry, and of course PROJECT RUNWAY. So WLTY and told you this was a good look?? in YOUR own words, ” I’m sorry, YOU’RE OUT!”

 Lance… the only way you’re still in the music scene is by being here on this carpet, so make a good impression, and MAKE SURE YOUR F******* TIE IS ON RIGHT!! WTF?

Willow… this is the most EMBARRASING THING I have EVER seen a child “star” (cough, cough) EVER wear in my ENTIRE LIFE. WLTY???? YOUR MOM LET YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE LIKE THIS??? Your 10 YEARS OLD!!!!! I see CAMELTOE! Those BOOTS?!?! from your mom’s closet?? AND THAT YELLOW STRAIGHTJACKET????!  This is WORSE THAN ANYTHING Ke$ha has EVER WORN, and she wears GARBAGE!!!

Ke$ha… what’s scary about this, is that (minus her face and “clutch”) she’s actually “decent”(dare I EVEN say that)! OKAY, we GET IT! You’re “Anti-Establishment”, “F the man”, “Rock, Man!” and all that crap. WHAT’S WITH THE HAIR and MAKEUP? REALLY…. and ALLLLLLLLLLL your songs sound the EXAAAAAAAAAAACT same. God, I’m so SICK of this person!

Katy… BEAUTIFUL!, NOT TACKY or KITSCHY! (But I would have preferred shortening the dress to above the knee). and then… your performance outfit:

 “Y” is “YAY” for CAMELTOE!


Nicki… I like her, cuz she’s cuckoo. Her performances, with her bug eyes, when she sings really fast: cuckoo… but I like it.  I GET that she wore something crazy, because that’s her “character”. But I thought that Green was a FUR collar for the longest time! My dissapointment came when she was announcing the winner, and she RUDELY yelled out a plug for her album release date… RIGHT BEFORE THE NAME OF THE WINNER. She might as well be Kanye 2.0…..

Justin… you’re not in my demographic, so there’s no reason for me to like you. But your performance last night: GOOD JOB! It was well done, and even a bit touching. Now lets get down to your outfit. You’re NOT Michael Jackson, so the black and white armband shirt?  Lose it.. you will never be of that caliber. We know Usher’s your mentor, but you’re white… lose the big necklaces and the big high tops. Be original, not a copycat. We’ve already seen you before, with Justin Timberlake, Nick Carter, Aaron Carter, and all those other teens before.

Miley: Love the Red Carpet look – you’re 18 now, so the shorter the better, and it looks great on you.

Performance outfit? I’ve already seen this, and I have 2 words for you: Stevie Nicks.

Rihanna… sexy, and looking like a WOMAN! You’re giving me a little Toni Braxton, a little Halle Berry. I think this is a GREAT LOOK! Now, about your performance look:

Uh, not so much… I know you were going for a more tribal, Caribbe feel, but this looks like you got the outfit from a thrift store. I JUST BOUGHT YOUR “R” BOOK! With all the FASHION I KNOW YOU FOR IN IT! What is THIS????

John Legend… love the voice, but WTF is with your SHOES!?!?!? Those are not ONLY the FILTHIEST I have ever seen ( U KNOW UR ON A RED CARPET, RIGHT??!?!?) but they are ALSO STEPPING ON YOUR DATE’S BEAUTIFUL DRESS!!!!! THANK GOD for her, because she toook ALLLLL the attention away from YOU!


Jenny… You look great, but what’s the point?

Jessica: you look ok. Boring actually, and you’re a pretty girl. Why were you here? Oh, because you presented (as a plug for your role in the upcoming “Little Fockers” movie). Unfortunately, when the ONE preview showed during a commercial break, you weren’t even in it. So I ask again: what’s the point?

Mandy… you’re a cute girl, and you’re even nice too! I like your films, (in SAVED, “I am FILLED with God’s love!” as you throw the bible… something I still reenact with friends). But Why are you here???? It’s been so long, I forgot you exist!