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Is my dream, a Woman’s nightmare?

***UPDATE!!!!***  HOURS after writing this article, I came across on Huffington Post, a lil blurb: “KATE HUDSON: PREGNANT IN HEELS”.  It linked me to a TMZ pap shot… and there, in all it’s glory, was ANOTHER PREGNANT WOMAN IN SKY-HIGH HEELS (Louboutins, of course :))!! Of course this filled me 2 kinds of emotion: 1) (SEE READERS, I TOLD YOU SO!) and 2) Why is everyone copying my Blog posts!?!!?!

Here is the photo of our Dear Ms. Hudson:

I love women in heels. Even better, I love PREGNANT women in heels. In fact, I believe “women should be in heels from the moment they leave their house, till the moment they come home”. Now, with that statement right there- I see a lot of women hating me. But let me give you some examples:

1) A quote from Tom Ford, an excerpt from his book:

“Shoes are always the most important thing for me because they are who you are. They change the way you walk, the way you move.”

2) Rachel Zoe Pregnant – just running errands in LA – looking AMAZING IN ALL BLACK AND OVER-THE-KNEE HIGH HEELED BOOTS!

3) VICTORIA BECKHAM PREGNANT @ THE ROYAL WEDDING – IN 7 INCH LOUBOUTINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is famous for wearing the highest and craziest heels, and was quoted, “I would die before ever wearing a pair of ballerina pumps (flats)”. She was my Patron Saint. (She was, unfortunately, 6 months later photographed running around in flats. Thankfully, that was the LAST and ONLY time it happened).

4) The new Bravo TV series, “Pregnant in Heels”. Even though it may be more about pampered clueless women learning “what to do” while due, the significance in the title means something: You can still be Pregnant and Fashionable. Don’t let yourself GO!!!!

5) I don’t want to hear complaints from girls,”oh you don’t know what it’s like, you’re a guy”. Yes I am, and I DO KNOW what it’s like!!! I HAVE worn a pair of heels! Halloween 2010: (check out my blog entry for it- pic in post) I went as a Bride, and wore 6 inch heels. I walked about a mile to the party, hosted it for 6 hours, then walked back home. Yes, my feet killed me at the end, but did I EVER take them OFF? HELL NO! Walk around barefoot like these skanky Hollywood girls do at 2am? HELL NO! You keep your composure, and you present yourself in the best form possible!!!!

If these ladies can do it, then you girls can do it. Pregnant or not, heels on a woman arch your foot, and it drives a man wild. It tightens and leans out your calf when you walk, which makes you look slimmer, taller, and all around: DAMN SEXY. Hence, my opening statement. The only time it’s acceptable to be out of heels: sneakers for the gym,  and flats for ballet class (after all, they are called “ballet flats”…. not “running-around-all-over-town-doing-errands-and-getting-gross-stinky-sweaty-feet flats”. You’re not gonna get a man SHUFFLING YOUR FEET like a slob! MAKE THE EFFORT!!!!

Thanks for listening ladies, and see you out there looking YOUR BEST! 🙂


Even though it’s October, and it is still hot as hell, Summer is officially over Los Angeles! We had some great times, and great pool parties! I was fortunate to enjoy a last summer Sunday at one of my favorite pools: Skybar @ The Mondrian.

This place will always be HOT. Hot music, hot crowd, lot’s of flesh. Basically, an upscale LA version of Vegas. So of course, my camera phone gets trigger happy, and “material” just seems to come to me. Below are some high’s and low’s of LA’s Last Summer Weekend. Enjoy!

HOT HOT HOT! This was the first thing I saw when I entered the pool area. First, I love a girl in a bikini and heels, poolside, hotel…. its picture perfect. Now of course it’s NOT ALWAYS practical, blah blah…. obviously not for the local Y or community pool, especially with kids. But in an adult atmosphere: ladies, this is great! Think about it- you’re in barely anything anyway, why not make your butt look tighter and legs look longer, right? The fact that these heels are BLACK and with STUDS and SPIKES: Very LA, Very Mondrian. LOVED this girl.

Then I saw this girl…. (sigh). This is tricky. She is wearing a black bikini, heels, big glasses… and then, a FUR HOODIE VEST-Thing. Now, I’m ALLL about fashion, pushing the envelope, standing out, etc. However, it IS HOT outside, and SUMMER. I’m all for fur (take that PETA) but it IS TOO MUCH. Yeah, she got attention, and looked good, but wrong environment. If it was cooler, fall, and poolside: SURE. If she was Rihanna? GREAT! On Valentino’s yacht in South of France? HOT!  But no, just a cute girl who went overboard. Nice try, but no 😦

Sarongs on men. I’m sure you’re all gonna think I hate, but I LIKE. Seeing as my family lives in Hawaii, and have been going there forever, Sarongs are a common thing to wear. Throw on over a swimsuit, and walk around. Done. Plus, this guy is in great shape, and looks like Ricky Martin: he could wear anything. Also, since The Mondrian is VERY Euro, it works. Another reason? It’s the Brazilian flag, he looks Brazilian, it’s the beach life culture. Again, not for the local community pool!But I would def wear this for sure… I do own a few!

When I came back from the bar, I saw THIS. I STILL don’t know if it was a (skirt/shorts)? Something made of denim, and SHREDDED TO HELL. All i can say is FUGLY. This is not attractive, not appropriate, and just a big ol’ NO! What was she thinking? “Hmm, I’m going to The Mondrian, I’m gonna wear that shredded ugly denim thing as a cover up, it’s so edgy”? NO! Put on NORMAL shorts, skirt, ANYTHING! Or better yet, get a Sarong!

Saving the best for last, This woman. She was poolside for what appeared to be a birthday, or some sort of celebration. She was late 40’s(?) and THE BEST DRESSED. PERIOD. Age appropriate length on a fun summer print dress, appropriate oversized creme day clutch, and strappy black heels to ground it. Thank God (or Buddha, or whomever is out there) for blessing me with a positive way to end this post. I’m glad to know that women, no matter what age, put in an effort, and look HOT!!

And here’s a quick pic of me ( in TOM FORD sunglasses, of course). A final thank you LA, Mondrian, and all readers who had a wonderfully Fashion Filled Summer! See you next year poolside!


Welcome to the Holy Grail of Fashion: This Gucci ad is IT.

I know, I know,… you’re expecting crazy photos of ugly outfits… but hey, once in a while I see something SO AMAZING, that I have to post GOOD THINGS TOO!

SO THIS IS IT: THIS IS WHAT EVERY WOMAN SHOULD LOOK LIKE WHEN THEY LEAVE THE HOUSE: to go shopping, run errands, lunch with friends, dinner, date, movies…. WHEREVER!!!!!!!


This ad captures the lifestyle EVERY WOMAN SHOULD ASPIRE TO HAVE… because really: YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO BE HER!!!!!

So get to the gym, go to the tanning salon, go to ur hairdresser, and GO SHOPPING! Open up your wallet, and do some damage for yourself… YOU WILL THANK ME LATER!!!!! 🙂


So I was in Bev Hills having a wonderful brunch not too long ago, and what passes me by? This lovely ensemble…. RED LEOPARD PRINT PANTS with CLEAR PLASTIC HEELS. I think I dropped my fork…(thank GOD I didn’t spill my Mimosa!)  This girl had a Chanel bag, Chanel flower pin, and Chanel ring (OK, WE GET IT: YOU LOVE CHANEL)…. BUT HONEY: W(hy)TF are you wearing THAT OUTFIT??? You obviously have some $$, so USE IT and ditch those pants and heels!!!! (and while ur at it, buy a brush for you and ur friend, because that hair was HORRIBLE!)

SO: the red leopard pants- IF they were on a MODEL type body, in a night club, with a HOT backless top, and AMAZING heels/boots…. i would MAYBE let it slide…. BUT THOSE SHOES… (omg) are for strippers, hookers, drag queens (well, not high enough, so maybe beginners). WHO WEARS THOSE IN PUBLIC, ON THE STREETS, DURING DAYTIME, AND IN BEVERLY HILLS!?!?!?!?

Remember all the looks Julia Roberts character got while walking on Rodeo Dr in Pretty Woman?  THATS the kinda look I was giving this girl, and I’m sure so were all the other Fashionistas on that block!!!


WHY LADIES, WHY???? where did this come from, and WHY are you “rocking” this look???? Love girls showing legs and wearing heels… but wearing SOCKS WITH HEELS IS NOT COOL!! I don’t care if its on the Chanel Runway: that’s for models in a show to create a LOOK; its not for the street! You look like an 80 year old GRANDMA!

AND!! TO TOP THIS LOOK OFF: THEY ARE SHEER HOSE STOCKING SOCKS!!! W(ho)TF invented these?!?! It’s not like she’s wearing them to keep warm!!!!! It does NO slimming trick either; in fact it draws attention to the THIGHS and makes them look BIGGER… and that she has CANKLES!!!!