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VMA’s 2011: Very “Mis-led” Artists

HERE WE GO! MTV’S VMA 2011 gives us  a lot of celebs, celebrealities, and musicians. Basically, everything from: “alotta look”,… “really?”,…  and “who ARE you?”!

Beyonce in Lanvin. She can do no wrong. AND… she announced she is PREGNANT!!!!! CONGRATS Ms. B!!!!! Love this girl…. She ROCKED her performance, and expose her bump as the crowd cheered. SHE IS an ICON.

Jojo… I love this girl too… where has she been? I like the edgy black… BUT WHAT is THAT on her BUTT???? I know girls want nice butts, but this is a lil TOO BIG!!! She needs to be careful tho…. the longer I look at this photo, the more I think she’s starting to look like JWOW…. (and I don’t think thats a compliment…)

Speaking of JWOW, here she is with Snooki

This is what happens when you come from nowhere and get ALOT of money VERY quickly.  JWOW lost weight, went from (probably) size 4 to a size 2/0… and put it all back on with plastic surgery. the BOOBS! the LIPS! And her eyes: is it the makeup, or is she botoxed like crazy??? Also, she should have worn a basic Louboutin pump- those shoes DO NOT make this outfit look “classier”.  And YES, I’m admitting this right now…. Snooki has NEVER LOOKED BETTER!!!! Even though she has the streaks, (no) and the shoes (Steve Madden?!?!?) are too big, she looks better than most days. This just goes to show: you can’t take Jersey outta the girls!

Jersey castmate Deena Cortese….. like I said: JERSEY. Ladies, please don’t try this at home. Or anywhere else. Ever. Thanks.

Soo…. this is the first time I have EVER had to say, think, admit, feel this way: KIM’s GOT A FAT A**!!!! And she just got married…. WHICH MEANS she is at her THINNEST for that wedding dress…. Kris has MORE than a handful. DAMN!!

Nicki Minaj IS the NEW Lady Gaga…. WHERE IS THEIR DUET?!?!??!?! This girl is CRAZY! We all know she loves being a Barbie, and here, she is OFFICIALLY HARAJUKU BARBIE. I don’t even know where, what, how, or why…. but SHE is going to be my Halloween costume for this year!!!!!!!!! (not this outfit, but something cuckoo). Her outfit is by  Japanese designer Shojono Tomo. Also: LOVE that “SUPERBASS” WON best HIP HOP VIDEO!!!! I’M OBSESSED with that song!!!

We were ALLL WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT!!!!! THE BIG QUESTION OF THE NIGHT: WHAT WILL GAGA WEAR?!?!?!??!   She has been in an egg, she has worn meat…. what could be next??? MAN DRAG!!!!! Her gender bending identity turns heads, creates controversy, and brings attention to equality issues. Some say she’s annoying, some think she’s too much… She kept the ACT UP the WHOLE NIGHT! (c’mon- THAT’s TALENT!!!)

What is Miley Cyrus wearing? What is this? She looks FAT & BLOATED!!! Not a good choice…..she looks OLD.  Her stylist lied to her.

Katy Perry…. dressed asian style.  Um… I think she heard about Nicki’s outfit, and decided to do a “safe white girl version”. (Nicki won this one) I’m so TIRED of her TRYING!! STOP PRETENDING!!!!!!! And then she changed:

WTF??!?!?!?!?! WHY????? whay is that on your head??!?! IT’S NOT FASHION!!!!!! ITS’S SOOOO STUPID!!!!!

Britney Spears, in another boring black outfit. With those STUPID hooker-looking half bootie that MAKES HER LEGS LOOK SHORT AND STUMPY. She ALWAYS wears these!!! BORED!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s the VMA’s- LIVE A LITTLE!!!!! AND YOU RECEIVED THE VANGUARD AWARD!!!!

Taylor Lautner. He can wear anything. A blazer and a henley? Yup. He may be a young’n, but I’m all for going to see his upcoming film “Abducted”.

Kelly Rowland… wearing dress by Falguni and Shane Peacock.  I like this, Its cool, edgy, fun. I.m a sucker for great makeup, but sorry Kel- this is TOO MUCH makeup! It’s cakes on like a DRAG QUEEN! I have met this girl, and she is Gorgeous as is- she doesn’t need all of that covering her face!

Adele. I LOVE this girl!!! the VOICE!!!! (Her performance was chillingly amazing!)  NO ONE can EVER say I don’t love a girl with a lil weight, because here is my proof! 🙂 She’s nominated for 7 AWARDS, and she is 23.  She wears SAFE basic black, and she is ROCKIN’ some BIG A** HAIR… L.O.V.E. The only thing that creeped me out was her LONG nails… fine for GAGA, fine for Rihanna… but too much for her.

*****************MEN WHO LOOK LIKE SH%#************************

Jake Busey….. Yup,… don’t even have to guess… Gary’s son. Don’t even try to have a career Jake- you look EXACTLY like your dad, and people are going to make fun of you both for the rest of your life. GO HOME NOW

JC Chasez – wow…. life has been HARD on this guy. And no makeup. Time for a new image consultant. STAT.

Steven “Cojo” Cojocaru. Remember him. He was a “style” expert. He got very sick. He came back a woman. I mean, reeeallly?

Tyga. His “name” means “thank you God always”. (sigh). He is new to the scene. (wearing Versace (?!)) But the OVERALL LOOK…???? It’s “alotta look”. Too much look. Before your career starts- hire a stylist.

Tyler, The Creator. (BIIIIG SIIIIIGH)….. Yeah, that’s his “name”. What are these guys thinking? How are they helping IMPROVE our world??? He won for “Best New Artist”.  REALLY. His acceptance speech was so bleeped out, I had NO IDEA what he even said. He’s 20. With a start like that, he’s looking to be the next Kanye: a big F’ing D-Bag. And that’s WITHOUT me even talking about his F***ing choice of outfit.

************* THE MEN ARE WEARING DESIGNER********************

Busta Rhymes in… (Gucci?!) Well, at least it looks like it. The red & green striping… I just am not sure about Gucci making that collar…… Hmmmm….

Kevin Hart. YSL belt. Hmm… seeing a lot of YSL lately. Maybe since they just opened in Beverly Center. I loke this style (it’s a lil too “street” for me), but in general- I would ROCK everything from the belt up.

Ace Hood in Versace. Well, a Versace shirt anyway….. and belt (not in this pic). Versace IS making a comeback…. Lady Gaga, the H&M collab….. and now in the hip-hop community.  Hell Yeah.

Justin Beiber, wearing a YSL pin on his jacket lapel… hmm… more YSL.  He’s also wearing RED PANTS and LEOPARD PRINT SHOES (NOT CUTE). And to MAKE THIS WORSE-  he has a F***ING SNAKE IN HIS HAND!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?!? When Selena Gomez asked him about it, he said,” I brought my snake with me” (she asked it’s name), he said, “Johnson”….. REEEAALLLY??!?! On Television?!!?! We all know what that implies… so stupid. Beware moms’… he’s turning!

******************NEW GENERATION GIRLS***************************

Bonnie McKee…. WHO????? (Ysl shoes…..)  She was born in 84… and is responsible for WRITING Britney’s “Hold it against me” and Katy’s “California girls” and “Teenage Dream”. I was gonna say that she looks more “hooker” than songwriter-  she dresses like the songs she writes. But you know what? She’s getting her bills paid. BIG TIME. At her age, she might as well dress like that while she can!

“Chanel”…. yes, her name is Chanel. I’m sure Coco is screaming in her grave. Nothing here says Chanel. Who is this???? She was an Australian Idol runner-up. She is in an Australian trip-hop group.

Jessie J. Recently hurt herself, so came out to sing covers of every song known during commercial breaks. I think she took something from Cee Lo Green’s closet! She is 23, and has written songs for Miley and Chris Brown.  Let’s see if her clothing matures  with her career.

Liz Lee…. WHO?!?!?!?!? the star of “My Life as Liz”. Am I too old? Guess so…. But I AM old enough to SCHOOL HER on APPROPRIATE DRESS for a carpet:


ugly…. gross…. sloppy. What a way to represent yourself, your show, and all the people trying to get your career going- I would either quit or fire her.

Shirley Manson from Garbage?? NOPE! Bjork?? NOPE. It’s new singer Skylar Grey. It’s a lil too “Beetle Juice” for me. Of all nights to dress up and look cool, for the world to see- this is it?? Not interested…………

BET Awards… ( I’ll keep it brief )

Soooo… the BET awards were recently held, and the hip hop community stepped out in all its “Fashionable Glory”.

Seeing as there were too many things to cite, and my disappointment is outweighed by the fact that I DON’T CARE: I will spare you my rants- and keep it to the minimum. The following don’t deserve the attention anyway… sad, but true.

Here are the choice “highlights”:

Alicia Keys, in Dolce & Gabbana…

Now, look at her face-I think she’s confused.  But then again, I WOULD BE TOO if my DIZZY Louboutins matched the DIZZY graphics on the “step and repeat” wall!!! It’s ONE thing to dressACCORDINGLY to an event, but it’s ANOTHER to dress LIKE the event!


Busta Rhymes, in.. ????

The only thing I’m happy about is the YSL belt…. and that his AMAZING RAP is the ONLY thing that makes Chris Brown’s “Look at me now” worth listening to.

Willow Smith, in.. something fished out from the dumpsters?

Here’s what I’m MOST worried about: she’s so frigging young, that i’m giong to have to see YEARS OF THIS… JUST QUIT WHILE YOU’RE AHEAD!!! JUST GO AWAY!

Nicki Minaj, in…. ???

I actually wasted 15 min trying to find out what she wore, (and found nothing)….. which means HORRIBLE NEWS: HER P.R .PEOPLE ARE F***ING STUPID!!! She is probably THE HOTTEST rapper/hip-hop star out there RIGHT NOW, and NOWHERE on the internet has info on WHAT SHE’S WEARING???  SHE CAN GET ANY DESIGNER!!!! Dear Nicki- I love your STYLE, but not you STYLE-IST… she LIED TO YOU!!! FIRED!!!


Cee- Lo Green, trying to do an impersonation, (sorry, “TRIBUTE”) to Patti LaBelle.



Kerry Washington, in Michael Kors.

Daytime carpet (grass, at that), bright spring dress,… CHECK! Black pointy indoor office secretary pumps??? Really, with a GOWN??? GROSS. “Hey Kerry, FIRE your stylist- they LIED TO YOU!”

Mary J. Blige, in Herve Ledger….

I love Mary, we all do. She is the Queen of feeling “Superwoman Female Empowerment”. However, that “dress” doesn’t look like she’s gonna kick an abusive man’s ass- it looks like she broke free from him tying her up! Strappy dress, strappy shoes….  STRAP HER BACK UP! Also, side note: “Mary- you’re getting up there in age… time to start dressing a little more appropriate ( INCLUDING the hairstyles – you’re not 25 anymore)”.


Wiz Khalifa, and Amber Rose, wearing…. TRASH.

REALLY ??? For an AWARDS SHOW???? Her VERSACE shoes are THE ONLY THING I LIKE. Grow up people- you’ll never be respected for looking like SH*T.

Big Sean, in… a leftover, re-used carseat found in some junkyard with a belt from an 80’s pawnshop …. DID SOMEONE REALLY SAY, “Hey, you look great!” ??????????


Chris Brown,….

A Message for you: You’re not cool, you’re not a male version of Lady Gaga.. just because you try and dress “weird”  doesn’t make you “edgy”.  You look F***ING STUPID.

And then this outfit to take pics with the Press. A HOODIE, with JEAN SHORTS??????



The Grammys, 2011: It’s All about the EGG


Yeah, we now know she has performed at the White House, and toured with Prince. AFTER THE SNUB. I am NOT a Justin Beiber fan, but C’MON: BEST NEW ARTIST?????!!?!?!?!? We ALLL KNOW IT SHOULD HAVE GONE TO HIM…WTF?!??!?

Some group, “Mumford & Sons”, (even that NAME is hideous) look like the new cast for “Deliverance”. Look at the tool in the trucker hat and Colonel Sanders tie… REALLY?!?! REEEEAAALLLYY??!?!?!  THIS IS HILLBILLY TO THE MAX. And just watch their performance, (if u even can) especially the keyboard player. Then watch a Muppet/Fraggle Rock video… I rest my case…. weird freaks


Rihanna. While she may be one of my faves, I think she took to a Valentines Day theme WAY to much. With the Red hair AND her body covered in Whipped Creme from a CAN???? (not really, but this John Paul Gaultier is not pretty).

Miley Cyrus in Roberto Cavalli. “Hey Miley, Zena the Warrior Princess called. She wants her costume back.”

Haley Williams from Paramour, in a custom Jeremy Scott…”creation”.  This has got to be one of the UGLIEST things I HAVE EVER SEEN. If that thing was sent to me to have someone wear, I would send it back saying , “HELL NO! NOT EVEN FOR FREE!”. Horrible.

Jennifer Lopez in Pucci. This is the Hottest thing I saw go down the red carpet. Those LEGS! That HAIR! My fave spike Louboutins! The ‘come hither’ look!….


KIM KARDASHIAN! O..M…G….. F*** ME!! This is PER-FEC-TION!!! THAT IS THE BEST HAIR (even if extensions!) I HAVE EVER SEEN (move over Giselle hair). THOSE EYES!! (she has best makeup). THE BOOBS! (showing lots of skin, but NOT VULGAR!) and The Slit on the legs….. I want to find her, pick her up, and give her the biggest hug/squeeze, and yell,”THANK YOU!!!!!”

Heidi Klum & Seal. (SIGH…) SEALS SHOES!!! AGAIN!!!!! REAPEAT F******* OFFENSE!!! HE JUST WORE THEM @ THE EMMYS LAST MONTH!!!!!(check out my Emmy posting to see!) HEIDI- WTF is WRONG with YOU!?!?!! You’re who America and the world is supposed to look to for “STYLE”, and “FASHION”??? You let your OWN HUSBAND leave the house in a 90’s era 3/4 length Blazer?  AND THOSE UGLS ASS SHOES ..AGAIN…. (BIG, BIG, SIGH…)

Nicki Minaj, in: a lot of leopard. I don’t know what to say, except: “RAWR”

Willow Smith, wearing Ugly. Oh, GOD, where do I start…..the SHOELACES IN THE HAIR? See, she’s too young!!! she doesn’t even know how to tie them on her feet! (Maybe her parents did it to keep her head ON when she “whips her hair back and forth, whips her hair back and forth.” And WHAT’S WITH THAT “clutch/bag/thing”???? A moving Carousel bag? It’s probably the Mobile that hangs above her crib…. REALLY?!?!?!?!?!!?!

Justin Beiber, in a white tux and kicks.  I like this (because I like white tuxes- wore this look for New Years- copycat) He looks great, eye catching, and PERFECT FOR ALL THE PHOTOS of his WIN (oops..) THAT HE SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED!

Katy Perry. I don’t care if it was ARMANI. Or that you “brought my  own Grammy” ( her Grandma- cheeze)… WTF is with the WINGS? Just because you sang at the recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, it doesn’t give you the right to try and be an ANGEL. Your pretty, but your not a model. (I’m guessing she took a cue from Lindsey, and stole them after the runway show.)

Ricky Martin….the sexy singer, the new dad, the now out and proud gay man, (the man whose concert I have been to 2 times, have sat on the dancers bus, have met him twice, AND OWN his  “Bon-Bon” Shaking Armani leather pants from “Living La Vida Loca” tour), the Latin lover that can do no wrong…sadly, he finally did. NOOO!!!! WHY!!!!??? the pants are TOOO tight ( I know, how can that be), and the boots heighth made his legs look shorter and stumpy, and that DAMN TIE kept twisting around backwards. I feel I will see this outfit mimicked in Weho. Ricky, for you- LESS is MORE 🙂 I will dress you!!

…..and now, the ARRIVAL of GAGA…..

…followed by her performance. First: the other day, was having dinner with friends, and we were all thinking of what she was going to wear. I said she has done everything crazy, she should go naked. And low and behold, this is as naked as you can get! Nude tones, and all the dancers stripped down to nude underwear. Am I on a GAGA trend?  She ROCKED the performance, and SHE “whipped her hair!” Those prosthetic shoulder protrusions were certainly weird, but I would expect nothing less. In fact, THOSE shoulders started a trend…..that the next 2 below failed to pull off

Monica…. I didn’t mind it at first, but then realized that neckline is CHOKING her! She OBVIOUSLY heard about GAGA’s shoulders, and must have wanted in on the action. Maybe she thought, “If I have them, maybe my career will come back!”

And the Sadness continues with Snookie. those lame shoulder puffs? REALLY??! Who dresses her? WHO LIED TO YOU??! It’s like “Dynasty” gone all wrong… all that jewelry, the earings, the cuffs?? She looks like Chuy Bravo in Drag!!!

“Snookie?” Just call her “Sausage”.

Lastly, and I really want to know why…. WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING???!?! THIS IS THE GRAMMYS, NOT MTV. CLASS IT UP, DUMBA**. Even HE performed with Muppets! This GAGA egg thing hatched a BIRD, no, a PLANE, no… ELTON JOHN WITH A TAN? It’s just sooooo disturbing. Seriously: what sane person thinks, “oh that’s cool, I’m going to wear that..”. WTF & WLTY!




ps: thank u to Celebuzz, justjared, wireimage, and getty images.


Halloween 2010: Scary vs. Sexy

Halloween is BY FAR my favorite day of the year… you can be ANYONE YOU WANT TO BE! How fun and rare is that? So of course I delved full force into this years costume, and couldn’t wait to see what others came up with. Unfortunately, some people cross the line with their costume descisions…. Here are some highlights of the BEST and WORST… But be prepared for some NEAR NUDITY!

MY FAVORITE OF THE NIGHT!!!!!! An “Hermes Birkin Bag” and “Chanel Bag”… and look who they are with.. “ANNA WINTOUR” !!!!  I think this was not only the most fashionable costume, but definitly the most original… and PERFECT for my site!

Here’s an unfortunate site…. not only for this guy, but our eyes…. they are still burning. Not only from the lime green, but a body that needs to cover up! We all know he’s going as Borat, but even still- inappropriate!  Thank God he’s being arrested for public indecency, because this is not a “costume”… this is a CRIME!

Loved this one… from “The Hangover”. Why? Because he paid ATTENTION TO DETAIL, and got the look PERFECTLY COPIED! I love when people take the time to be perfectionists, and really, REALLY get the look right! Even the baby has a medical marijuana prescription attached to him! This outfit should be appreciated by the movie’s stylist.

Once again!!! ANOTHER guy going WAAY overboard!  I know that Halloween is usually known as the day “all girls can dress up like sluts and get away with it”,.. but apparently, the guys are thinking they can do the same thing. WLTY moment right here… was it a dare? was he wasted when he picked this out? Im all about showing off a body, but this “THING” holding on to his crotch for dear life is just SCARY and TACKY. Can u imagine if the string snapped?? HE HAS NO BACKUP! Plus, the obvious: doesn’t look like he’s packing very much, so definitly, SOMEONE LIED TO HIM!

This Tampon outfit, hoever brilliantly made… is DISGUSTING. REALLY? WITH BLOODY STRINGS? How trashy is this?????  NO CLASS, and for sure, will NOT BE TAKING HOME ANY WOMEN. Good luck to this tool for mating, I bet he’s as juvenile out of costume. Put your creativity to good use, this is just GROSS.

THIS IS THE WORST LADY GAGA EVER. REALLY??? Is that the best she could do? BOOOORING!!!! Out of all Lady Gaga outfits to choose, it’s this simple ugly thing? A) she would never wear that ugly braided belt. B) the wig would AT LEAST be brushed! I think this outfit is just an INSULT to Ms. Gaga.

THIS is a girl who got it RIGHT!!!! NOT ONLY does she show her inspiration, BUT is Dressing up as a Style Icon! This is Miss Rita, of www.LikeLola.ning.com, and she captured a youthful modern fun version of “Bianca Jagger at Studio54 on her 30th birthday”… how clever is that? With the pink riding horse?  Check out her site for amazing fashions, (as well as her infamous love of pink) 🙂 

And last, but not least… ME! haha…. since I got married this year, what better way to celebrate than being a version of one’s self? Take a note girls: THIS is how its done- skin: tan, smooth, and shimmery. Hair: blonde, long, beautiful curls, and full of shine. Jewelry- beautiful, timeless, and not overdone! And of course, feature ur best “asset”… (mine are the legs), so go ahead and show them!!!!! And to finish, the perfect red carpet pose and smile!! 🙂 Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!


We all watched the VMA’s , and it was like the ocean…. it rose, it fell, had waves, was flat…… some people looked like Goddesses, some i hoped would drown. (THATS TO YOU F***** STUPID A*** PIECE OF S*** KANYE.. UGLY A** F***)

So heres a roundup of the good, the bad, and the ugly 🙂

CHER.  REALLY???? She’s 64!!!! and looks like she NEVER AGED! (of course, thank you plastic surgery) BUT DAMN! AMAAAZING!!!!!! Because really, WHO DO YOU KNOW that’s 64, and can ROCK THIS LOOK? CHER CAN!

B.O.B and Haley Williams… if I HEAR THIS F******** song ANYMORE, I’m GOING TO KILL MYSELF! SHUT THE F*** UP ABOUT AIRPLANES AND SHOOTING STARS! And the whole hype about how they never met, recorded separately, and this was their first meeting, AND performance together…WHO THE F*** cares?!?!?!  AND THIS WAS THE RESULT? Her UGLY A** HAIR and CRAP outfit (really??! thats what u choose to wear on live TV??!) and B.O.B’ OUTFIT AND BEHAVIOR? Stupid….. looked like a f***** clown, waving his arms in UGLY A** CLOTHES. BOTH OF YOU: SHUT UP, and GO AWAY!

Taylor Swift…. one word: PERFECT. those EYES!!!! HER HAIR! whoever did her makeup and hair deserves a VMA award!!!!!!! She performed a haunting song, barefoot, commanded that HUGE stage all alone, and OWNED IT. LOVE.

Jared Leto and his band…i like one of his songs, but I just have one observation. He and the guy on right? Boyfriends. Just a hunch, got that vibe. just saying. (the outfits alone are gay!)

Florence + the Machine: great performance. Loved the song from “Eat Pray Love”. Now, I want her CD. She was ethereal, looked heavenly, kept it simple and beautiful. And  her voice ROCKED.

I hate Eminem, but his lyrics have been good lately. I LOVE RIHANNA, but i HATE her red wig. and I hate a ballerina dress with combat boots. Barf. Go back to Futuristic, crazy, cool, all black rockstar 101!

Ke$ha… YOU KNOW WHY SHE WORE A GARBAGE BAG??? BECAUSE SHE KNOWS SHE’S TRASH. i won’t knock someone for making a name for themselves, and making money off it, but YOU LOOK STUPID, YOUR OUTFIT IS A GARBAGE BAG?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!??!?!! GOOOO AWAAAYYY!!!!!! TIK TOK and BLAH BLAH on a DESERTED ISLAND PLEASE! T-R-A-S-H…. and no $ in your name either… stupid…

Nicki Minaj and will.i.am….. ok, she’s CRAZY. But thats why i love her…. she’s the new Lil Kim, rap/hiphop’s new Barbie, so I get it…. its just that THAT outfit, and her BUTT IMPLANTS looked HUUUUUUGGGGEEEEE on TV! But her singing style is infecting, I must say… at least she owns it! Now will.i.am on the other hand… stupid. we know its a costume, we know its a look… but really??!?! you just look stupid. OBVIOUSLY NICKI ASKED FOR A REAL BLACK MAN, YOU KNEW YOU COULDN’T DELIVER CUZ UR SO DOUCHY, SO YOU HAD TO FAKE IT WITH THE FACE PAINT!!! GO TO THE SAME ISLAND I’M SENDING KESHA TOO… FAR AWAY.


GAGA in McQueen… yes its a lil cuckoo, BUT HELL YEAH! Its from his FINAL collection, it’s straight off the runway, AND SHE IS HONORING HIM. Plus, u see the shoes she walked in? Lets se any of YOU try that! WELL DONE LADY, WELL DONE…. and speaking of well done, her next outfit is a lil more; shall we say: undercooked.

Yes, thats right: a MEAT DRESS. MEAT STRAPPED TO HER BODY. To me, it looks fake, ( I MEAN- IMAGINE THE SMELL?) But she’s also wearing DIAMONDS!!! SHE DRESSED UP HER MEAT! she’s a controversial person, and you know what? she’s who she is, because of her weird outfits. And hey, when she’s hungry, she has something to nibble! 🙂