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Bad Fashion goes BILINGUAL!

HOLA! Tengo news that is MUY, MUY MAL!!!

(I have news that is very, very BAD!)

So every culture, every ethnicity, every sex, and every gender are subject to bad fashing “choices”, and this SENOR is NO EXCEPTION!! This was sent to me by a reader who just couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Not only were there slits under the ass of this guy, but THEY WERE INTENTIONALLY PUT THERE!!!

WTF? i need to learn how to say, “who lied to you?” en espanol, because this crime is SOUTH of the BORDER, in MORE WAYS THAN ONE!!!

This in NOT “sexy”. Really?? You left the house wearing these PURPOSELY to feel “CALIENTE?” 

This is NOT “cool”.. (well maybe cool, as in a breeze by your HUEVOS) but bad form, senor, BAD FORM! No person wants to see your CULO HANGING OUT! 

No mas! No peude mas! MIS OJOS es EN FUEGO!!!