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Halloween 2010: Scary vs. Sexy

Halloween is BY FAR my favorite day of the year… you can be ANYONE YOU WANT TO BE! How fun and rare is that? So of course I delved full force into this years costume, and couldn’t wait to see what others came up with. Unfortunately, some people cross the line with their costume descisions…. Here are some highlights of the BEST and WORST… But be prepared for some NEAR NUDITY!

MY FAVORITE OF THE NIGHT!!!!!! An “Hermes Birkin Bag” and “Chanel Bag”… and look who they are with.. “ANNA WINTOUR” !!!!  I think this was not only the most fashionable costume, but definitly the most original… and PERFECT for my site!

Here’s an unfortunate site…. not only for this guy, but our eyes…. they are still burning. Not only from the lime green, but a body that needs to cover up! We all know he’s going as Borat, but even still- inappropriate!  Thank God he’s being arrested for public indecency, because this is not a “costume”… this is a CRIME!

Loved this one… from “The Hangover”. Why? Because he paid ATTENTION TO DETAIL, and got the look PERFECTLY COPIED! I love when people take the time to be perfectionists, and really, REALLY get the look right! Even the baby has a medical marijuana prescription attached to him! This outfit should be appreciated by the movie’s stylist.

Once again!!! ANOTHER guy going WAAY overboard!  I know that Halloween is usually known as the day “all girls can dress up like sluts and get away with it”,.. but apparently, the guys are thinking they can do the same thing. WLTY moment right here… was it a dare? was he wasted when he picked this out? Im all about showing off a body, but this “THING” holding on to his crotch for dear life is just SCARY and TACKY. Can u imagine if the string snapped?? HE HAS NO BACKUP! Plus, the obvious: doesn’t look like he’s packing very much, so definitly, SOMEONE LIED TO HIM!

This Tampon outfit, hoever brilliantly made… is DISGUSTING. REALLY? WITH BLOODY STRINGS? How trashy is this?????  NO CLASS, and for sure, will NOT BE TAKING HOME ANY WOMEN. Good luck to this tool for mating, I bet he’s as juvenile out of costume. Put your creativity to good use, this is just GROSS.

THIS IS THE WORST LADY GAGA EVER. REALLY??? Is that the best she could do? BOOOORING!!!! Out of all Lady Gaga outfits to choose, it’s this simple ugly thing? A) she would never wear that ugly braided belt. B) the wig would AT LEAST be brushed! I think this outfit is just an INSULT to Ms. Gaga.

THIS is a girl who got it RIGHT!!!! NOT ONLY does she show her inspiration, BUT is Dressing up as a Style Icon! This is Miss Rita, of www.LikeLola.ning.com, and she captured a youthful modern fun version of “Bianca Jagger at Studio54 on her 30th birthday”… how clever is that? With the pink riding horse?  Check out her site for amazing fashions, (as well as her infamous love of pink) 🙂 

And last, but not least… ME! haha…. since I got married this year, what better way to celebrate than being a version of one’s self? Take a note girls: THIS is how its done- skin: tan, smooth, and shimmery. Hair: blonde, long, beautiful curls, and full of shine. Jewelry- beautiful, timeless, and not overdone! And of course, feature ur best “asset”… (mine are the legs), so go ahead and show them!!!!! And to finish, the perfect red carpet pose and smile!! 🙂 Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

DEATH to those who BUNGEE (jump)

I went to brunch today, and thought my lack of mimosa carafe was making me hallucinate this image.  There, at the table next to us, was a woman who’s purse strap was missing, and IN IT’S PLACE: A F****** BUNGEE CORD. And not just a regular bungee cord, but one with KNOTS IN IT!!!!At first, I thought, “okay, maybe it’s just an ugly purse”…. but no, the BUNGEE CORD was PURPOSELY FIXED onto the missing strap’s rings! The hooks bent arount the rings as to not detatch…. I asked my friends,” please tell me that’s not the purse’s style”, and they confirmed: NOPE. IT WAS A HOME-MADE REPLACEMENT STRAP.

WHYYYYY???? WHO LIED TO YOU??????  What this lady COULD have done, AND SHOULD HAVE DONE, was just leave the original strap off, AND CARRY IT AS A CLUTCH!! 

And I don’t want to hear: “not everyone can just go out and buy a new purse”, “maybe she can’t afford a new one right now”, etc…. BECAUSE WHERE WE ATE BRUNCH, and the PRICE OF A MEAL, SHE COULD EITHER BUY: 3 BAGS at H&M, 2 BAGS at some Melrose store, or 1 bag @ Zara.

SEE?? BETTER OPTIONS THEN A BUNGEE-CORD-WITH-KNOTS-“wow, I made it myself”-PURSE STRAP. (Ugh…………..the disgust………)

LASC Fall 2010 Campaign/Video

Hello all…

Below is the video I SHOT and STYLED for LASC’s Fall 2010 Campaign.


Model: Keith Kirkwood. Photography: Bradfordrogne.com


New Spice Girl? “Sporty Sparkles!”

Sooo……  This pic was sent to me by a reader, with the following quote: “Obviously she is closeted, because that’s where she must have gotten dressed tonight‏”. (For all the non-gays, no, this is NOT a woman, just appears to be half dressed as one, ergo, the comment).  Reader follows up with: “She needs a light and a mirror and a thread and needle.”

I AGREE. WHAT is this? Is this even an OUTFIT? I mean, in all sense of the title of this website: WHO LIED TO YOU??!?!?!?!?! This person is wearing a SEQUINED TOP (with a gaping hole in the shoulder) shorts, and THE BRIGHTEST PAIR of FLORESCENT YELLOW running shoes!!!!! WTF?

Did he compete in a SPORTY SPICE contest at West Hollywood club? Minus the wig,  this would basically be a Mel C outfit…. (gotta wear those trainers!) What’s even worse, I don’t know ANY SINGLE PERSON who would wear this, any part of this, or be associated with this.

WHO LET YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE LIKE THIS??? WHO SAID TO YOU “OMG, YOU LOOK SO GOOD!” Obviously not a nice friend. Maybe the person got dressed alone, (LORD help him PLEASE!) but there is no excuse! Look, he has friends around him! They are BAD PEOPLE for LYING to this poor individual with HORRIBLE “taste”.

PLEASE,  SOMEONE tell him the TRUTH!!!!! This is DEFINITLY up for WORST of the YEAR!!!!

October is BREAST CANCER AWARNESS Month: A Personal Story

So October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in honor of kicking Breast Cancer in the ASS, I want to share a stylish cancer-kicker someone with you! Her name is Emily, and calls Kansas City home.

She is a fellow member of a fashion site I belong too, www.Lookville.com . She has caught my attention because of her posts with GREAT STYLE, and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. She told me a little bit about herself, and how learning you have breast cancer is scary. But having the support of loved ones, family, and friends can help u out: not to mention adding accessories like beautiful headscarves to everday outfits! 

How she found out: Yoga. While coming out of a pose, she felt a pain in her chest, close to her cleavage. She felt a lump, but thought it was a knotted up muscle. She continued her yoga. No pain the next few days, and then… pain again.  A month later, she and her husband went to the doctor. They believed it was probably scar tissue from a reduction she had from before. However, after mammograms and sonograms, they found an odd shaped lump, with blood flow… which means tumor. They performed the surgery to take out, and found out that in fact, Emily’s diagnosis was “Triple Negative Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma Stage 1C”. Unfriendly words, thats for sure!

She states that she actually calmed during the chemo phase, and the traumatic part was losing her hair. In her words, “The shaving part was really hard but I kept the champagne going and it was all good 🙂 Thank goodness I have a nicely shaped head;)”

So readers, here is the perfect example of POWER, STYLE, AND PERSEVERANCE. Anyone finding out they have cancer has got to feel an incredible sadness, lack of hope, scaryness, or alone. Well not this lady! She wears some AMAZINGLY CHIC outfits, is ALWAYS POLISHED, and she’s making NO EXCUSE to leave the house feeling unstylish!

Heels, skirts, makup, earrings,… nothing is stopping her from letting me know that Kansas is a Cancer Kickin’ State!  I want to thank Emily for sharing her story with me, and allowing me to help spread positive word about checking yourself, informing yourself, and keeping your spirits UP! Emily has found a way to share her feelings, stories, and updates on her blog: http://stoutspontaneousevolution.blogspot.com/  Feel free to visit her site and follow Emily’s journey!  THANK YOU EMILY!


Even though it’s October, and it is still hot as hell, Summer is officially over Los Angeles! We had some great times, and great pool parties! I was fortunate to enjoy a last summer Sunday at one of my favorite pools: Skybar @ The Mondrian.

This place will always be HOT. Hot music, hot crowd, lot’s of flesh. Basically, an upscale LA version of Vegas. So of course, my camera phone gets trigger happy, and “material” just seems to come to me. Below are some high’s and low’s of LA’s Last Summer Weekend. Enjoy!

HOT HOT HOT! This was the first thing I saw when I entered the pool area. First, I love a girl in a bikini and heels, poolside, hotel…. its picture perfect. Now of course it’s NOT ALWAYS practical, blah blah…. obviously not for the local Y or community pool, especially with kids. But in an adult atmosphere: ladies, this is great! Think about it- you’re in barely anything anyway, why not make your butt look tighter and legs look longer, right? The fact that these heels are BLACK and with STUDS and SPIKES: Very LA, Very Mondrian. LOVED this girl.

Then I saw this girl…. (sigh). This is tricky. She is wearing a black bikini, heels, big glasses… and then, a FUR HOODIE VEST-Thing. Now, I’m ALLL about fashion, pushing the envelope, standing out, etc. However, it IS HOT outside, and SUMMER. I’m all for fur (take that PETA) but it IS TOO MUCH. Yeah, she got attention, and looked good, but wrong environment. If it was cooler, fall, and poolside: SURE. If she was Rihanna? GREAT! On Valentino’s yacht in South of France? HOT!  But no, just a cute girl who went overboard. Nice try, but no 😦

Sarongs on men. I’m sure you’re all gonna think I hate, but I LIKE. Seeing as my family lives in Hawaii, and have been going there forever, Sarongs are a common thing to wear. Throw on over a swimsuit, and walk around. Done. Plus, this guy is in great shape, and looks like Ricky Martin: he could wear anything. Also, since The Mondrian is VERY Euro, it works. Another reason? It’s the Brazilian flag, he looks Brazilian, it’s the beach life culture. Again, not for the local community pool!But I would def wear this for sure… I do own a few!

When I came back from the bar, I saw THIS. I STILL don’t know if it was a (skirt/shorts)? Something made of denim, and SHREDDED TO HELL. All i can say is FUGLY. This is not attractive, not appropriate, and just a big ol’ NO! What was she thinking? “Hmm, I’m going to The Mondrian, I’m gonna wear that shredded ugly denim thing as a cover up, it’s so edgy”? NO! Put on NORMAL shorts, skirt, ANYTHING! Or better yet, get a Sarong!

Saving the best for last, This woman. She was poolside for what appeared to be a birthday, or some sort of celebration. She was late 40’s(?) and THE BEST DRESSED. PERIOD. Age appropriate length on a fun summer print dress, appropriate oversized creme day clutch, and strappy black heels to ground it. Thank God (or Buddha, or whomever is out there) for blessing me with a positive way to end this post. I’m glad to know that women, no matter what age, put in an effort, and look HOT!!

And here’s a quick pic of me ( in TOM FORD sunglasses, of course). A final thank you LA, Mondrian, and all readers who had a wonderfully Fashion Filled Summer! See you next year poolside!



So, I see this girl, young, about 20, every week.  And every time I see her, she is HEAD 2 TOE in Luxury Labels! (THERE IS A GOD)!!!!

Lets go thru the list: Hermes bangle, with matching Hermes belt. Fendi bag. Chanel pin on a cape sweater. Whats out of the shot? Chanel ballet flats.( YOU DO THE MATH) 🙂

The first time I saw her, she was in all black, tall high heeled boots, and the big Chanel Cabo quilted bag… Hermes bangles…. (sigh)… it’s my favorite word again: PERFECTION. The fact that she is also model thin, with perfect long hair, PORCELAIN SKIN, lived in Paris, and has a GORGEOUS French name (a Woman’s Couture design house has same name!)… I mean, just wait till 5 years from now, 10 years!!! THAT CLOSET is going to be like the VOUGE CLOSET IN NYC!!!!

THIS GIRL gives me something to LIVE for, and look foward to EVERY WEEK!